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Case Studies on Employee Ownership: A Review 

by: Kruse, Douglas; Blasi, Joseph
Source: The National Center for Employee Ownership 

This article reviews the cases produced by U.S. professors and researchers on shared capitalism, namely, broad-based employee ownership, stock options, profit sharing, and gain sharing, from 1975 to present by looking at a universe of about 30,000 cases. Cases were identified by using the Web site search engines of the main organizations that produce such cases for business and management professors. We review the number of cases that can be identified (only 43 cases), their topic areas, some of the main themes, and the story of their chronological development. We conclude that there is an astounding lack of attention to developing educational materials for business schools. Many useful case stories produced by national associations are not in the format used by business school professors. There is need for a collaborative project to address this issue. Although the imprecision of some search engines may mean that some cases have been missed, we are confident that we have soundly identified the general trends. As the reader will note, many of these cases look at only part of the story of the firms they cover, such as the point in time when the firm considered an employee ownership plan, often ignoring and never covering the subsequent, more interesting story.


Link: Case Studies on Employee Ownership: A Review 
Publication Date: 2008-01-01
Pages: 16