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Cisco Systems (B): Maintaining an Edge in E-Business 

by: Govindarajan, Vijay; Anderson, Phil; Trimble, Chris; Veerman, Katrina
Source: Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College 

As of March 2001, Cisco Systems enjoys a reputation as the most sophisticated e-business in the world. As a rule, if anything can be 'webified' at Cisco, it is. Cisco's image as the leading e-business is a critical driver of its sales success. The company's ability to demonstrate cutting-edge e-business practices provides a compelling argument for CEOs weighing the tough decision to make multi-million-dollar IT infrastructure investments.
While the company has been extraordinarily innovative to date, Cisco is far from complacent about being able to maintain its leadership position with respect to e-businesspractices.


Link: Cisco Systems (B): Maintaining an Edge in E-Business 
Publication Date: 2001-01-01
Pages: 6