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Dancing Deer Baking Company 

by: The National Center for Employee Ownership
Source: The National Center for Employee Ownership 

Employees at Dancing Deer Baking Co. in inner-city Boston are required to spend 15% of their time contributing positively to the culture of the working environment. It's in their employment contracts, and those who don't do their part to be friendly and team-spirited forfeit their performance bonuses.
The company was founded with some terrific recipes and a desire to run a business that was a cut above the rest. The founders opted to foot the bill for employee health insurance before they even started paying themselves. Today the $10 million enterprise sends out its preservative-free caramel fudge brownies and blueberry pecan streusel cakes to customers and retailers all over the country in environmentally friendly packaging.


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Publication Date: 2007-07-01
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