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Springbok Services, Inc. 

by: The National Center for Employee Ownership
Source: The National Center for Employee Ownership 

Springbok Services is a young, rapidly growing company in a relatively new industry — Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards. An essential element to Springbok Services' growth has been its commitment to providing a workplace environment that fosters creativity, initiative, and agility.
The company has a relatively flat management structure, relying instead on a team-based structure. Leadership at Englewood, Colo.-based Springbok Services believes that a rapidly evolving marketplace requires companies to have a fluid organizational structure that relies on substantial autonomy for employee teams. In addition, management believes in company transparency, involving employees in all of the company's inner workings through extensive internal communications and allowing involvement in key decisions. Employees are encouraged to use initiative. Rather than sitting back and waiting for assignments, they are asked to figure out what projects they can undertake that will help the company grow.


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Publication Date: 2008-01-01
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