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North Highland Company 

by: The National Center for Employee Ownership
Source: The National Center for Employee Ownership 

Imagine yourself as a member of the management team at a fast-growth company, with revenues increasing by 25% to 50% annually over the last three years. To keep pace, your company desperately needs to recruit and retain top-quality employees. Part of the company strategy is a training program that helps employees with six months of tenure integrate into the company culture. You see this program as essential to building the committed long-tenure work force the business needs.
Now imagine that a training session has just ended. The trainer walks into your office, looking a bit nervous. 'I'vegot news,' he says. 'One of the people from the last sessionjust submitted his letter of resignation.' What went wrong?If you're Chuck Morn, a principal and co-founder of North Highland, your answer would be 'nothing.' In fact, Chuck believes that resignations like that show that the training program is working. To understand why, we need a quick look at the company's history.


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Publication Date: 2008-01-01
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