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DPR Construction: Using Phantom Stock for Broad Ownership 

by: The National Center for Employee Ownership
Source: The National Center for Employee Ownership 

DPR Construction is a new kind of construction company. Gone is the rough-and-tumble atmosphere of the past, where a strict hierarchy pitted job bosses against management and it was every man for himself among the rank and file. From the outset in 1990, the founders of DPR tried to create a company modeled after Silicon Valley's high-tech innovators,where dedicated employees worked long hours motivated by their sense of belonging and a financial stake in the company's success. Peter Nosler, Doug Woods, and Ron Davidowski felt strongly that an informal, egalitarian environment would encourage creativity and enthusiasm that would translate into more efficient planning and procedures as well as a happier and more productive work force. As a result, DPR has no titles, no private offices, no hierarchy, and plenty of camaraderie. The company also has had phenomenal growth: from the proverbial 'three men and a dog' to a privately held company of 2,200 employees with 18 offices and revenues of $1.2 billion.


Link: DPR Construction: Using Phantom Stock for Broad Ownership 
Publication Date: 2002-05-01
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