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Rick Surpin (A, B, C) 

by: Hanson, Kirk O.; Bollier, David; Rowlands, Penelope
Source: The Business Enterprise Trust 

A long-time community development worker creates hundreds of jobs for low-income women and minorities by forming a for-profit home health care cooperative, Cooperative Home Care Associates. May be used in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, and Ethics courses to help students explore: 1) the motives of an entrepreneur starting a venture to meet a tangible social need--the 'social entrepreneur;' 2) the concept of worker-ownership and its potential consequences; 3) how to simultaneously serve the needs of various groups in an economically deprived area; and 4) the creation of jobs for individuals many dismiss as 'unemployable' (single mothers on welfare, etc.). Supplements available (from Harvard Business School Publishing).

Rick Surpin (A) 

Rick Surpin (B) 

Rick Surpin (C) 


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Publication Date: 1992-01-01
Pages: 2