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McKay Nursery Company (A, B) 

by: Meyer, Kathleen A.; Pochop, Laura; Weiss, Stephanie
Source: The Business Enterprise Trust 

McKay Nursery Co., founded in 1897 in Waterloo, WI, had a longstanding history of commitment to employees. The close-knit organization was a pioneer in the agricultural industry of several employee-friendly policies. But in the early 1980s, as McKay's owners grew older and senior management neared retirement, the next generation of managers feared for the future of the profitable, debt-free company. Middle manager Griff Mason and his colleagues were concerned McKay might become the target of a hostile takeover, which would move the company out of the community that had supported it for nearly a century. They wondered what they might do to keep the company in Waterloo and continue to retain its employees, nearly half of whom were migrant workers. Teaching Purpose: Allows students an opportunity to explore ownership transition issues for small, privately held businesses. Should they consider employee ownership? Also provides for discussion of human resource issues specific to a seasonal workforce. What can be done to curb the typically high turnover and uncertainty in this segment of the labor force? Supplements available (from Harvard Business School Publishing).

McKay Nursery Company (A) 

McKay Nursery Company (B)


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Publication Date: 1996-12-30
Pages: 6