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ENTR 599: Entrepreneurial Ownership 

by: Crumm, Aaron; Samson, Perry
Source: University of Michigan 

Employee Ownership in small, medium, and large businesses is a continuum that ranges from 100% employee owned to 100% investor owned. This Equity Ownership course will help students better comprehend equity ownership issues surrounding formation, launch, growth, and long term operation or exit for both non--profit and for--profit entities.

This course is presented from the perspective of the entrepreneur and employee owner. The seven week course will cover the critical steps of equity and employee ownership; founding your own company or joining a start--up, successfully navigating funding rounds, deploying your equity to incentivize employees and encourage long--term growth, or negotiating through an exit.

The student shall develop the critical thinking skills and analytical frameworks necessary to grasp the trade--offs of equity and employee ownership throughout the business lifecycle. By the end of the course, the student should be able to select an appropriate corporate structure, establish basic shareholder governance, calculate capitalization tables, and estimate the value of an entrepreneurial venture. A graduate from this course will make informed tactical and strategic decisions around the efficient and effective and deployment of their equity.


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Publication Date: 2015-02-19
Pages: 3