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Employee-Owned Firms in the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Majority-Owned ESOP & Other Companies Have Responded to the Covid-19 Health and Economic Crises

This significant new study shows that majority employee-owned companies with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are outperforming non-employee owned companies during the COVID-19 pandemic in the areas of job retention, pay, benefits, and workplace health safety. The study reveals that ESOPs have been more proactive about ensuring the safety of employees during the pandemic and … Read More

The Sociology of Worker Ownership: New Data Sets and Research Approaches

In this video workshop, “The Sociology of Worker Ownership: New Data Sets and Research Approaches,” leading researchers introduce datasets that enable the study of worker ownership. The workshop opens with comments from Joyce Rothschild and Joseph Blasi, and is moderated by Adria Scharf. Janet Boguslaw, Laura Hanson Schlachter, Nancy Weifek, and Joseph Blasi present. Sarah … Read More

Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership YouTube Channel

Series of videos about employee ownership produced by the Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership. The Millionaire Grocery Clerk At the grocery chain WinCo Foods, grocery clerks become millionaires. How? WinCo is employee owned through an ESOP. ESOPs are a win win win win – businesses get significant tax breaks, owners get paid full fair market … Read More

Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership

The Journal of Participation and Employee Ownership (JPEO) seeks to publish original empirical and theoretical research in the broad area of employee participation and shared capitalism. In particular, the journal calls for rigorous analysis of: employee participation in decision making at the top and grassroots levels; high-performance, high-involvement work systems; cooperatives; employee ownership; profit sharing; team incentives; broad-based stock … Read More

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