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These Workers Act like Owners (Because They Are) 

Unlike so many other chief executives, Cecil Ursprung will never be accused of losing sight of his shareholders. He sees them every day—in the parking lot, in the hallways, even on the factory floor. 
Author: Taylor, William C.
Pub. Date: 2006-05-21

Reflexite Corporation 

In March, 2007, Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer of Reflexite Corporation, had to decide whether to proceed with a change in the company’s employee stock ownership plan. Foley, still in his first year as CEO, pondered the situation: the employees had spoken, but when the man who had built the company strongly objected, shouldn’t one listen? 
Author: Rosenthal, David
Pub. Date: 2009-01-01

Somewhere Between Complacency and Fear 

Cecil Ursprung, the former CEO of Reflexite Corporation, once described his ideal organizational culture as being a permanent 'state of mild dissatisfaction.' You may not agree with the word 'dissatisfaction,' but I expect you would agree that innovation flourishes when employee owners are constantly seeking ways to improve the company and that happens when employees are not satisfied with the status quo. Creative energy flows when people refuse to walk away from situations that are 'good enough.” 
Author: Rodgers, Loren
Pub. Date: 2012-09-20