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Rutgers SMLR is pleased to introduce the new Project Director of the Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership, Adria Scharf, PhD.

Adria Scharf brings unique expertise to this role, having served as a researcher on the National Bureau of Economic Research “Shared Capitalism Research Project” and contributing to Shared Capitalism at Work (University of Chicago Press, 2010). She has led research for key studies on the wealth consequences of employee ownership and studied the effects of employee ownership on the employment relationship. Dr. Scharf also has a background as an editor, educator and advocate.

“My goal as Project Director is to make CLEO an indispensable online resource for teaching material on employee ownership. I want CLEO to give educators, including business school professors, the resources–research articles, videos, syllabi, case studies, and more–that they need to integrate the study of employee ownership into their courses. I also envision the broader public–including workers, policy makers, and advocates–finding information of value on the site. I see worker ownership as an important means to build a more inclusive economy.”

—Adria Scharf, Project Director

Contact Adria Scharf at adria.scharf@rutgers.edu


The School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University would like to acknowledge the financial support and guidance of the Beyster Foundation for Enterprise Development, the financial support of the Employee Ownership Foundation, and the technical assistance from The Aspen Institute.


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