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Worker-Ownership as an Instrument for Solidarity and Social Change? 

Is worker-ownership an instrument for solidarity and social change? Will its organizational form stimulate a social consciousness that leads members to be involved with social movements such as community development, labor activism, environmental campaigning, or human rights promotion? To answer these questions Luhman offers textual data that suggest that worker-ownership may be an effective instrument for solidarity and social change dependent upon the collective political vision of the members. 
Author: Luhman, John T.
Pub. Date: 2007-01-01

Effects of ESOP Adoption and Employee Ownership: Thirty Years of Research and Experience 

In the mid-1970s employee ownership was a fringe phenomenon in the US. Today more than one in six US private sector employees now own shares in their company, and more than one in 12 US private sector employees now participate in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. 
Author: Freeman, Steven F.
Pub. Date: 2007-01-04