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What is GEO?
The Global Equity Organization (GEO) is an international, not-for-profit membership organization, designed to support corporate executives and equity compensation professionals dealing with the challenges of creating, managing and administrating quality stock plan programs…for one country or across the entire globe. Founded in 1999, GEO includes more than 2,800 individual members representing over 1,500 companies and professional firms in 59 countries around the world.

GEO members include:
• Corporate executives and managers from a wide range of business sectors
• Providers of stock plan services, comprising of attorneys, accountants, tax advisors, brokers, and consultants
• Academic, government, and non-governmental agencies

GEO’s Mission Statement
The Global Equity Organization (GEO) provides a forum for an open exchange between members, regardless of position or affiliation, of the latest information as to the strategic, financial, cultural, legal, tax, communication and administrative issues involving the use of equity-based employee compensation in the global community. GEO is a member-founded and member-driven nonprofit organization. At no time shall the organization be used to further the individual business interests of any individual or corporate member.

GEO’s Guiding Principles
• Promoting high standards of competence, professionalism, and performance in the administration of share plans
• Obtaining and disseminating information on the subject of share plans for the benefit of other members and their employers through the GEO web site, conferences, seminars, and publications
• Encouraging the exchange of ideas and mutual assistance among members
• Facilitating the association of professionals handling all aspects of global share plans
• Respecting the confidentiality and personal nature of the information available to GEO members

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