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The primary aim of this course is to provide an understanding of how organizational systems and individuals interact. In specific, there is a focus on employee ownership structures and business models that contribute to shared prosperity because they are more effective than alternative models. This course is based on over 35 years of experience working with management and leadership development programs, consulting firms and some of the premier enterprises in the world. Taken as a whole, this course is a human resource management, an organizational behavior and an organizational design/theory course that is intended to enhance professional effectiveness, organizational performance, career development (promotions, salary, and job satisfaction), and quality of life in general. Through a variety of readings, self-assessments, videos, simulations, and class assignments, you will develop a wide range of ideas, tools, and best practices that will help you bring out the best in yourself, others, and your organizations. Some specific objectives include the following:

(1) Understanding the effects of basic social psychological processes on individual and team behavior in organizations

(2) Understanding the effects of human resource management systems, organization structure and culture on individual and team behavior

(3) Applying concepts and research in the field of organizational behavior to develop more effective managerial behavior

(4) Analyzing issues and techniques involved in implementing organizational change.