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MyPath grew steadily since its inception in 1984 in an industry rife with regulations and oversight. Navigating the healthcare landscape and advocating for its disabled patients became a hallmark of the organization. Through the years, a strong culture emerged thanks in part to employee ownership which contributed to a ‘can-do’ attitude found at all levels of the organization. No two patients’ disabilities were alike and this created a highly customer-centric culture that strengthened through the years. When organizations began to delve into the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) arena, MyPath took up the challenge and began to establish programs that would help foster DEI throughout the organization. Within a few years, MyPath was recognized for its diversity efforts and became nationally acclaimed for its ability to foster diversity at all levels of the company. In June of 2021, the CEO of MyPath created a director-level position charged with developing DEI practices throughout the organization. It soon became apparent that DEI had a much larger meaning to MyPath in the context of caring for its disabled customers. MyPath was poised to take on a new direction in the way it did business, putting DEI at the core of its customer service. This case study is part of the CLEO Case Studies Collection. Discussion questions included.