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This special section of The Sociological Quarterly, edited by Joyce Rothschild includes the following articles:

  • The Logic of a Co-Operative Economy and Democracy 2.0: Recovering the Possibilities for Autonomy, Creativity, Solidarity and Common Purpose by Joyce Rothschild
  • When Freedom is Not an Endless Meeting: A New Look at Efficiency in Consensus-Based Decision-Making by Darcy K. Leach
  • “Plan your Burn, Burn your Plan”: How Decentralization, Storytelling, and Communication Can Support Participatory Practices by Katherine K. Chen
  • Diversity Regimes in Worker Cooperatives: Workplace Inequality Under Conditions of Worker Control by Joan S. Meyers & Steven Peter Vallas
  • Producing and Reducing Gender Inequality in a Worker-Recovered Cooperative by Katherine Sobering
  • Emotions and Emotional Labor at Worker-Owned Businesses: Deep Acting, Surface Acting, and Genuine Emotions by Elizabeth A. Hoffmann