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Carta’s Equity 101 is a free, interactive course designed to help everyone learn the fundamentals of equity. The course breaks down the basics of equity into 10 interactive lessons, covering the fundamentals including receiving a grant, selling shares, and taxation. In about an hour, users can learn basic terms and useful information, beginning from the premise that “nobody is born knowing about stocks and shares—it’s always a journey.” The short video lessons include:

  • What is equity?
  • What’s a cap table?
  • Equity grants, explained
  • How vesting works
  • How exercising equity works
  • How to sell your shares
  • How are equity grants taxed?
  • Valuations, explained
  • Who can invest in startups?
  • How venture capital works

The website also provides this glossary of terms: https://carta.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Equity-101-Glossary.pdf