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Series of videos about employee ownership produced by the Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership.

The Millionaire Grocery Clerk

At the grocery chain WinCo Foods, grocery clerks become millionaires. How? WinCo is employee owned through an ESOP. ESOPs are a win win win win – businesses get significant tax breaks, owners get paid full fair market value for their business, employees receive stock, and the business becomes more profitable and productive.


What is a Worker Cooperative?

Worker Cooperatives are an excellent business succession plan for any business that doesn’t want to sell to an outside buyer or just close their doors! Worker Cooperatives are a business structure where employees share in the profits of the business. They can be governed in a number of ways – one person one vote, a traditional management structure, a vote to elect a CEO, and more.


Employee Ownership: An Incredible Win Win

“Today a new push to encourage employee ownership of businesses. A strategy that may ease succession challenges and even offer tax advantages to owners, while it saves jobs and improves retirement prospects for employees and owners as well.” Thank you to the Allegheny Conference on Community Development for hosting Kevin McPhillips and the Pennsylvania Center for Employee Ownership to discuss efforts to increase employee ownership in Pittsburgh and across the state.


LB Water – Quadrupled in Size in 15 Years

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are a way to sell a business that benefits the owner, the company, and employees. Owners can sell all or just a percentage of their business to the employees. ESOP companies are more productive and can even be tax free.


What is an ESOP?

ESOPs simplified. Take 2 minutes to learn the basics of this program that is great for you, your business, your employees, and your community.