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The consistent reporting of the debacles and sleights of hand within a growing list of US companies – among others, Enron, Tyco and WorldCom – affirms Zadek’s observation of the importance of ‘how business is done’ and begs for contrasting examples of how transparency (open, clear, on-the-table information and activities), accountability (acceptance of responsibility) and forthrightness can develop. Zadek suggests that such basic elements serve the common welfare within the context of ‘business as practice’. This conceptual paper based on a case examines some of the devastating impacts of the recent spate of corporate wrongdoing, noting the widespread interconnectivity and interrelationships these demonstrate; revisits the roots of capitalism and the underpinnings of corporate citizenship; and explores the efforts of the Carris Companies as they implemented their plan for 100% employee ownership and governance, working toward full transparency and accountability in their decision-making.

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