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This qualitative research project focuses on a compare and contrast between acquisitions by ESOP and Non-ESOP organizations from a consultant’s perspective to obtain a third party viewpoint.  Also discussed is a review of the academic literature on Mergers and Acquisitions, the reasons for failures, and possible solutions for successful acquisitions.  An ESOP is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, where the employees are actually company owners. Most successful ESOPs implement various types of progressive management strategies including open book management and open door communication policies and procedures.  These practices of active employee engagement and participation enhance productivity and profitability because employees are personally empowered to improve company performance.  This study researches the following questions to obtain a third party viewpoint by interviewing consultants who have experienced acquisitions with ESOP and Non-ESOP firms:  1) How does an ESOP company accomplish a successful acquisition? and 2) What, if any, organizational behavior patterns are associated with this process?