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Increasing numbers of businesses view their employees not as a mere cost but as invaluable contributors for business success. These firms are implementing strategies to fully engage employees at all levels. The Employees Matter report identifies sixteen fast growing entrepreneurial firms that employ employee ownership and engagement strategies which they perceive as directly correlated with improved business performance. Eight other notable companies with key lessons to share are included as sidebar profiles.

Ten strategies around employee engagement emerged from the profiles of these 24 companies. The Employees Matter report includes a detailed discussion of these strategies and the business results at these firms, as well as additional resources for entrepreneurial firms wishing to increase employee engagement.

Employees Matter is designed for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as those allied to the field such as business support organizations. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from the fast growing private businesses profiled in the report about human resource practices that have been successful, as well as a few lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid. Investors may particularly note the seven firms profiled in the report that are venture-backed and have used employee engagement practices for increased business success.

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